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When dieters attempt to achieve extremely low body fat levels, hunger, muscle loss, and crashing hormones are all part of a coordinated set of physiological adaptations that occur in the body.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 not only explains the physiology behind those adaptations but provides a complete program to sidestep them.     The program provides a coordinated approach of training, diet and supplement across the two distinct phases of the diet.  For those athletes who have suffered with muscle and performance loss on previous diets, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 provides a solution.

All orders include the UD2 Addendum PDF with the purchase.

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The Ultimate Diet 2.0

While dieting to a moderate level of body fat often provides few major problems, the story changes as dieters attempt to reach extremely low body fat levels.    Men at 10-12% bodyfat or women at 15-17% bodyfat who want to get much leaner face many potential problems.

Among these are crashing hormone levels, runaway hunger and both muscle and performance loss.   These are issues that the genetically elite or drug using athlete may never face.  But for the natural dieter, they are real problems.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 offers a solution.  A coordinated program of training, nutrition and supplements that both mimic the physiological of the genetically elite while avoiding the problems inherent to dieting to the extremes.

The diet itself includes two discrete phases: fat loss and muscle gain.  The fat loss phase generates maximum fat loss without muscle loss.  In contrast, the muscle gain phase creates an anabolic rebound to build muscle.  Each phase coordinates training, nutrition and supplements to optimize the goals of that phase.

Topics in The Ultimate Diet 2.0

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 starts with a discussion of the physiological difficulties that face the extreme dieter.   This includes not only discussing who the book is actually for but some of the fundamental reasons that getting extremely lean is so difficult.  This includes an examination of calorie partitioning and the hormonal changes that occur while dieting.

This leads into a discussion of the basics of body fat and fat cell metabolism along with the processes involved in muscle growth.  The background information culminates with a look at different training systems and their pros and cons.  This leads into the diet itself.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is divided into two discrete phases: fat loss and muscle gain.    The fat loss phase is set up to generate maximum fat loss without muscle loss. This is followed by the muscle gain phase which creates an anabolic rebound to build muscle.  Each phase coordinates specific training, nutrition and dietary supplements to optimize the goal of that phase.

Each phase of the diet is laid out in detail in the book in terms of how the diet should be set up, what training should be done and what supplements should be considered (or avoided).  Finally, some UD2 variations are provided including basic information on how to adjust the cycle for endurance or strength sports.

Like The Stubborn Fat Solution, The Ultimate Diet 2.0,  is aimed at lean dieters trying to achieve extreme levels of leanness.  Dieters will not benefit from the approaches in The Stubborn Fat Solution until they are very lean.  Men should be at 10-12% bodyfat and women at 15-17% before using the information in this book.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 Addendum

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 Addendum is included with your purchase and covers a number of important topics. The first is a 2-week break-in period meant to make transition into the diet easier.  Information for what to do between dieting blocks is also provided.

The addendum also addresses how to move to maintenance eating when the diet is over.  Finally, it offers expanded information on how to adapt the UD2 for endurance or strength/power sports.

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12 reviews for The Ultimate Diet 2.0

  1. Ric Crockett

    Even though I was at 17% BF I bought the UD2.0 and gave it shot. Doing the diet made me appreciate the importance of fueling my workouts and taking nutrition even more seriously. I look forward to trying the diet again when I’m actually low enough BF to really need it to get extremely lean.

  2. Madcoweater

    I don’t think there’s another scientifically backed fat loss book out there. This book will teach you how to eat and train before during and after fat loss.

  3. Anne F.

    UD2 is the only diet I’ve ever been able to stick with. Technically it’s more than just a diet, as the training protocol is crucial to successful recompositioning. The plan is incredibly detailed, but once you understand the basic concepts, the training and diet specifics become obvious.

    Without fail, I’ve achieved that elusive “lose fat while building muscle” goal every time I’ve done UD2, while routinely setting new personal bests on my lifts.

  4. David Platte

    Great book. Lyle wrote it in very simple terms as well, so don’t feel like you won’t understand it. It tells you how to structure your diet on which days and a great way to recomp your body.

  5. Jackson Thomas

    Amazing book. Extremely comprehensive. Even if you do not follow the diet, the information inside on both nutrition and training is well worth the price. I find myself coming back to this one often even when not doing the UD. Lyle’s writing style is great as well.

  6. Christine

    The UD2 is amazing science wizardry. I used and still use this program to drop unwanted fat but to keep much coveted muscle… The 7 day schedule not only makes the plan convenient but adds an element of a “light at the end of the tunnel” ease to dieting…anyone who seriously diets knows that means a ton. Super adherant friendly and to me seems a cool breeze in the stagnant pool of the ridiculous, and even truly insane programs out there…try it. IT WORKS.

  7. Carl Juneau, PhD

    The first science-based program I bought and boy I’m glad I did. I was already in good shape when I started it, but I managed to build 2-3 lbs of muscle and lose 4-5 lbs of fat in ~3 months while on the program. This might not look like a lot, but I had been lifting for 9 years at that point so gains were hard to come by. I’ve been lifting for 19 years now and this is still one of the best programs I did period. Plus, the physiology is explained clearly; it’s almost fun to read. Would recommend.

  8. Hunter

    To keep this short and sweet, I purchased UD2 and have followed everything exactly how it is laid out in the book. I’m in my 6th week and have seen the most consistent results out of any other type of program. I have gone from 210lbs to 198lbs so far. It’s grueling but it works.

    Id give this book a 10 out of 5 if I could.

  9. Lubo An

    Amazing diet and book!
    I gave it a try for a month and lost 3kg mostly fat, and at the same time managed to increase my major lifts by 6-7%, which had never happened before to me on a fat loss diet.
    The only thing I haven’t abide to the point was insanly high carb loading. I took half of the recommended carbs on that day, still the results were astonishinhg.

  10. Stephanie J

    My favorite training and diet book. IT WORKS! Love it!

  11. Albina

    The book is something!
    I’ve read it for two times so far and written a lot of things down.
    It is well structured and readable although the topic is not that simple.
    I would recommend it to anyone dieting to low BF% and to every BB-Coach

  12. Keith

    It’s hard to read a book that tells you you are too fat to use the program. But, it is well written and supported. And, when I get to the level it is written for, I will return to it.

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