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In the original Stubborn Fat Solution I briefly mentioned a compound called Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) that mobilized fat through a completely new pathway.    ANP also turns out to be involved in increasing the amount of beige or brite adipose tissue (BAT) and appetite control.

The Stubborn Fat Solution Patch 1.1 discusses the effects of ANP before presenting a drug-based approach to manipulating it while dieting.  Information on stacking other compounds is provided for those readers willing to be a bit more aggressive in their fat loss approach.

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The Stubborn Fat Solution 1.1

My original Stubborn Fat Solution dealt with the topic of the same name.   In it I discussed myriad topics.  This includes overall fat cell metabolism and physiology along with the factors that make stubborn fat stubborn.  Finally, the book provided specific dietary, training and supplement protocols to help lose stubborn fat.

In one section of that book, I briefly mentioned a hormone called Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP).      ANP is a hormone released from the heart that is primarily involved in blood pressure regulation. So why the interest here?   Because in the year 2000, researchers found that ANP was involved in mobilizing fat from fat cells.

But that wasn’t all to the story. For decades, the only hormones researchers though acutely impacted on this process were insulin and the catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline).  ANP represented an entirely novel hormone in this regard.  More importantly, it worked through a completely different mechanism than the other hormones.

ANP represented an entirely NEW fat burning pathway.

And the way that ANP worked gave it great potential for addressing the issue of stubborn fat.  So why didn’t I discuss it more in the original book?

Well, at the time I couldn’t find any meaningful way to manipulate ANP levels.  The few ways that had been found were either impractical or completely non-physiological.  I mentioned it in The Stubborn Fat Solution for completeness.  Basically I said “This is interesting but we can’t do anything with it yet.”

Several months later, I would actually find a way to manipulate ANP but I never wrote it up.  I would end up putting the project on hold for years.

In 2015, while working on a different book, I came across research showing that ANP had even more potential dieting benefits than I had first thought.     In addition to stimulating fat mobilization, ANP could also increase levels of beige/brown fat.

It also helped to control appetite.  All of these effects could clearly be beneficial while dieting.   It was actually good that I had waited so long to write about it since there was far more information on ANP than I had been aware of previously.

Rather than revising the original Stubborn Fat Solution I decided to simply do a patch to it like they do with computer software.   Hence The Stubborn Fat Solution Patch 1.1 was born.

Topics in The Stubborn Fat Solution Patch

The SFS Patch 1.1 begins with a quick review of fat cell physiology.  This isn’t nearly as comprehensive as in the original Stubborn Fat Solution but provides more than enough background for the remaining chapters.  The next 3 chapters examine the effects of ANP in the body.  This includes it’s effects on mobilizing fat (lipolysis), brown/beige fat (BAT) along with appetite and hunger.

The remainder of the book deals with how to manipulate ANP on a diet.  This primarily revolves around the use of a (legal) drug.  I mention this because dieters who are not interested in going down the drug route may find the book disappointing as they cannot apply the information.    Mind you, some may wish to read it solely for informational purposes.

In addition to the use of a base drug to manipulate, I describe other compounds that can be added to increase its effects.  A number of different stacks are described ranging from mild to wild. Some might even consider me reckless for discussing them at all.  While the main thrust of the book is the drug/these stacks, some general nutrition and training information is presented to obtain optimal results.

For those who want to delve further into the topic, I have provided selected references.



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    I Incorporated all of the recommendations and now I always use it during a Diet phase.

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