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I am now offering one hour consultations via Zoom (preferred) or Skype (if we must).  I am NOT currently offering regular coaching or month to month program monitoring.

Topics I am most able to cover are:

  1. Training: I am happy to do basic training program setup
  2. Exercise Technique (you will be able to upload video on the questionnaire)
  3. Nutrition: I am happy to do basic nutrition program setup (no meal plans)
  4. Supplementation
  5. Women’s issues and physiology

Topics I am not able to address:

  1. Performance enhancing drugs (except perhaps some fat loss drugs)
  2. Specific medical conditions

After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to fill out a pre-consultation questionnaire within 24 hours.  If it does not arrive, please check your spam/trash folder.  If it has still not arrived, contact me at support

After you fill out your questionnaire, I will send you the link to schedule the consultation via Zoom or Skype.  If I have a particular backlog, I will contact you to let you know how long it may be before I can schedule the consultation.

I will also record the Zoom/Skype call which I will make available to you in case you want to revisit it.

If for any reason, I do not feel that I can adequately address your questions or situation, I will contact you to refund your order.  When possible, I will provide a referral to someone I feel has the expertise to do so.

I am only able to offer refunds on this product if requests are made prior to the consultation itself.

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7 reviews for Online Consulting

  1. Suleiman_alsabah

    Ridiculously excellent value for money.
    Finally, you can consult Lyle McDonald online and benefit from his decades of experience in training people to achieve their goals. Highly recommenced for no-nonsense, practical advice.

  2. Arya

    I had a positive experience talking with Lyle. He is very responsive and patient and will answer ALL your questions. Note I highly recommend having a list of questions to ask him before consulting with him as you’ll have a better experience.

    He looked through my meal plan which I came up with, my work out routine, and told me what to do when (if) I hit my next plateau (refeed or carb cycle).

    Finally, he took extra time to review my very strange back injury case.

    Note that you may go over him with by 5-15 minutes, which is generally good IMO as that means he cares enough to answer all your questions.

    I’ll probably reconnect with him again in 2-3 months. The only thing he should do to improve is get a better webcam. The quality of the video isn’t super great if he plans on doing video consultations. A 1080p would be nice so that the recording look nice, but whatever that is a minor detail.

    Also, I recommend checking out his youtube videos of people interviewing Lyle, they are informative.

  3. Dan Henderson

    I had an incredibly instructive consultation with Lyle where we went over goal specific nutrition (including addressing my hang ups about increasing dietary fat intakes) and addressing getting back into weight training where I got a suggestion that was a real light bulb moment for me in terms of how to use the first 4-6 weeks back more efficiently.

    The consultation also covered longer term building other things (specifically running) into training and how you might build up to and sequence the different types of training in terms of maintenance and specialization blocks as body weight got to a point wear joint pounding would be tolerable.

    At a point where I certainly felt lost in my training or how to tackle regaining the performance lost over the UK lock down, getting to tap into Lyle’s experience from the scientific, training and life perspective has given me the confidence to structure and look forward to ‘strapping in’ for the next 6 months of training.

    Would definitely recommend and will most likely check in again.

  4. Francesca Duncan

    This was an excellent opportunity and experience for me.
    You’re not talking to an internet blogger here, but an actual professional who KNOWS his research!
    Lyle let me know very soon after the pre-call questionnaire which areas I talked about that would be useful for him to address and which areas were not. He’s not going to waste any of your time, so give him the same courtesy. It was extremely useful for me to have some specific questions or topics to address (even just 3 to start with, others may come up along the way) going into the call because Lyle has such extensive and very practical, solid knowledge in nutrition, training, women’s physiology. He has a TON of knowledge that is well worth studying in his books and podcasts, but is
    excellent about getting right into the information that is useful for the individual and explaining why it’s useful for the individual’s context – as long as YOU know the areas you want to better understand. Do your homework and give it some solid thought. Have a notepad ready. We were able to get through a lot of useful topics and questions and it didn’t feel rushed even for a second.
    Lyle is very cool, easy to talk to, and totally brilliant.

    Go for it.

  5. Louisa Wood

    Had a great session with Lyle.
    Very thorough… he has a vast knowledge base.
    Very happy and with reconnect again for a follow-up.

  6. Matthew Fishel

    My consultation with Lyle was some of the best money I’ve spent in a long time.
    I’m a long time follower of Lyle’s work and this was the icing on the cake.
    Lyle was incredibly friendly and professional. I came in with questions and my own little conundrum and he answered all of them and offered his insight about my problem. I truly believe his advice gave me the answers I was looking for! He spent a lot of time covering everything I wanted to talk about and also covered things I didn’t think about. I never felt rushed and he even asked me if there was anything else I’d like to go over after my hour was up.
    The best part was, the very next morning, he emailed me the entire video PLUS a separate written breakdown of his recommendations of exactly what I needed to do. He was jotting down notes along the way so this breakdown was tailor made for my situation and goals. I will be putting his advice to work right away and plan on following up with another consult once I hit my current target. Thank you, Lyle! -Matt

  7. Lisa B.

    Lyle’s consultation and advisory was stellar. He was attentive, thorough, and truly sought to understand. His consulting questionnaire guides the session so as stated in other reviews, I recommend taking your time completing it and outline all of your questions to be prepared as possible. Lyle gave recommendations around supplements, strength training and women’s issues that likely only he could given his vast knowledge and extensive scope of expertise. Can’t recommend highly enough.

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