Ultimate Leanness Program


The Ultimate Leanness Program contains The Ultimate Diet 2.0, UD2 Addendum, Stubborn Fat Solution and Stubborn Fat Solution Patch 1.1, giving you all the tools you need to achieve and maintain extreme leanness.  These programs are ONLY for men at 15% body fat or below and women at 24% body fat or below.

Note: This is a digital product only.  No physical books will be sent.



Note: This is a digital product only.
No physical books will be sent.

The lean dieter, defined here as 15% body fat or lower for men or 24% body fat or lower for women, deals with a number of issues that dieters at a higher body fat percentage do not.  Gym or sports performance may deteriorate and the risk of muscle loss increases the leaner a dieter gets (women are actually at a lesser risk for this as I discuss in detail in The Women’s Book).

There is also the issue of stubborn body fat.  For men this is typically lower abdominal and low-back fat while women have perennially had difficulty losing fat in their hips and thighs (some lean women look as if two different women have been joined at the waist, ripped in the upper body while carrying fat in the lower).  There are good physiological reasons for this to occur and they present problems for the dieter wanting to achieve ultimate leanness or a specific look (whether for preference or competition reasons).

While many solutions have been offered to these problems, many are either ineffective or laughably incorrect (this is especially true when it comes to the issue of women’s stubborn body fat).  But they can be addressed with the application of good science and physiology to the problem.

The Ultimate Leanness Program does this, combining four books into one complete package that will allow the lean dieter to reach the level of leanness that they desire while avoiding the problems that can derail the best of dieting efforts.

The Ultimate Leanness Program comes bundled with 4 e-books:

The Stubborn Fat Solution addresses the problem of Stubborn Fat in detail. Everything from the physiology of fat in general to the specifics of stubborn fat are examined thoroughly and used to provide specific nutritional, supplement and exercise protocols to most effectively mobilize stubborn body fat.  Four different protocols are provided depending on the reader’s specific needs and can be integrated with any diet or exercise program.

Complimenting The Stubborn Fat Solution is the SFS Patch 1.1.  This booklet expands on a hormone (atrial natriuretic peptide or ANP) that was too new to have much information on when I wrote The Stubborn Fat Solution and examines it’s effects on stubborn fat, beige/brite adipose tissue (the type of BAT found in humans) and appetite along with ways of increasing it for maximal effects.  The solutions presented are drug based and I realize that not all readers will go down that route.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is one of my earlier books and presents a 7-day cyclical diet and training program based on the original Ultimate Diet by Dan Duchaine and Michael Zumpano.   In it readers will find a detailed discussion of such issues as calorie partitioning and metabolic slowdown before the integrated diet, training and supplementation program is presented (drug options are addressed in brief).  Some of the Stubborn Fat protocols are already inherent to the system and the UD2 has allowed dieters, both women and men, to lose stubborn body fat with little to no muscle or performance loss (some have even gained muscle while reaching the extremes of leanness).

Complimenting The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is The Ultimate Diet 2.0 Addendum (previously only available to purchasers of the UD2 itself and not for sale individually).  This was written quite a bit after the original book and includes a 2-week break-in cycle along with what to do between blocks of UD2 style dieting.  Maintenance after UD2 is addressed and expanded sections on how to apply the UD2 for Olympic and powerlifter are presented.  Finally is the 14-day UD2 cycle which I frequently mentioned but never detailed.  There is also a FAQ to address all of the questions I have received over the years.

With those 4 books, lean dieters can reach their desired levels of leanness while avoiding all of the problems inherent to the process.

The bundle comes with both the PDF and Kindle versions of the ebooks when both are available (the UD2 is only in PDF format) so that purchasers can choose the one that best fits their needs.

Note: This is a digital product only.
No physical books will be sent.



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