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While women have traditionally been treated as “little men” in terms of their diet and training, they possess a unique physiology that makes such an approach ineffective at best, and damaging at worst.  At over 400 pages, The Women’s Book Vol 1 not only examines a woman’s unique physiological differences in detail but provides comprehensive information on how to work with it to optimize her nutrition, fat loss and muscle gain efforts.  The book price includes a $5 “pink tax” which will be donated to The Women’s Sports Foundation, a 501c3 charity founded by Billie Jean King dedicated to creating leaders by ensuring all girls access to sports.  Signed copies will not go into the mail until the week of Jan 29th.  If you want a specific inscription please write it in the order notes.

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I am offering a limited run of 100 signed and numbered copies of The Women’s Book Volume 1.  When these are gone, they are gone.  If you want a specific inscription on a copy, please write it in the order notes on the checkout page.  Signed copies are limited to one per order.

Download The Preface to The Women’s Book Vol 1

About The Women’s Book Vol 1: A Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Since the beginning of medical history, women’s unique physiology and needs have gone almost ignored as women were treated as “little men”. It’s only recently that research has begun to examine the differences. The first in the realm of sports nutrition wasn’t done until the 1970’s and even today women are studied perhaps 20% as frequently as men. Even under these circumstances, in almost any physiological system that has been examined, a difference is usually found.

A woman’s nutritional requirements, how her body utilizes nutrients after a meal or during exercise, how and where she stores fat, her response to stress, how her body adapts to dieting and weight loss and even how she metabolizes caffeine all differ from a man’s. Sometimes it is a subtle differences but, in many cases, the difference can be extreme. So why are they still so often ignored?

In the realm of dieting, fat loss and muscle gain, approaches developed by male coaches for male athletes are often either ineffective or, in some cases, outright damaging. Certainly there are commonalities that always apply but a woman’s unique physiology must be taken into account for optimal results. Women also face issues such as menstrual cycle and hormonal dysfunction or bone loss that men simply never face. There is also the vast amount of misinformation about how women should eat or exercise. Nutritionally deficient diets are often coupled with ineffective exercise programs and endless numbers of women don’t get the results that they should or could with a better approach.

Arguably the primary consideration for women is the menstrual cycle, the roughly 28 day cycle where her hormones vary drastically from week to week, altering her physiology along with it. To that there is the frequent presence of what I call hormonal modifiers, situations that alter a woman’s physiology in some way. Examples include hormonal birth control, Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome, sub-clinical hyperandrogenism (elevated testosterone levels) and menstrual cycle dysfunction including amenorrhea. The age-related hormonal changes that occur during peri-menopause and menopause add a further layer of complexity.

The Women’s Book Vol 1: A Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain sets out to address the above issues and more. In it, I look at the specifics of a woman’s physiology, not only how it differs significantly from a man’s, but how it’s unique characteristics affect how an optimal nutrition, fat loss diet or muscle gain approach should be set up. At over 400 pages virtually no topic goes undiscussed and the book represents a complete resource for women’s unique needs.

While much of the information is related to exercise or training, this is not just a book for the lean female athlete or dieter. I have striven to make it not only as comprehensive as possible discussing the different hormonal situations or goals a woman might have. The information will benefit all women regardless of their current weight, body fat percentage or fitness level and I have attempted to make it relevant to as many woman as possible.

Hence the title: The Women’s Book.

Disclaimer: The book does not discuss nutritional needs for pregnancy or breast feeding, Eating Disorder recovery or medical conditions as these should be addressed with a medical professional.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Women’s Physiology
Chapter 2: The Normal Menstrual Cycle
Chapter 3: Hormonal Modifiers
Chapter 4: Types of Exercise and Goals
Chapter 5: What is Body Composition?
Chapter 6: Measuring and Tracking Body Composition
Chapter 7: Altering Body Composition
Chapter 8: Energy Balance
Chapter 9: Metabolic Adaptation
Chapter 10: Women, Fat Gain and Fat Loss: Part 1
Chapter 11: Women, Fat Gain and Fat Loss: Part 2
Chapter 12: Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction
Chapter 13: Stress
Chapter 14: Fixing the Problems
Chapter 15: Introduction to Dieting
Chapter 16: Determining Maintenance Calories
Chapter 17: Adjusting Daily Calories
Chapter 18: Goal Setting
Chapter 19: Calculating Nutrient Requirements
Chapter 20: Nutrient Sources, Electrolytes, Fluids and Diet Products
Chapter 21: Flexible Eating Strategies
Chapter 22: Around Workout Nutrition
Chapter 23: Meal Frequency and Patterning
Chapter 24: Supplements
Chapter 25: Estimating Dieting Times
Chapter 26: Identifying and Breaking Plateaus
Chapter 27: Adjusting for Metabolic Adaptation
Chapter 28: Training Guidelines
Chapter 29: Sample Training Programs
Chapter 30: Hormonal Category Templates
Chapter 31: The Category 2/3 Dieter
Chapter 32: The Category 1 Dieter and Amenorrhea
Chapter 33: Ending the Category 1 Diet
Chapter 34: Studies of Dieting in Elite Athletes
Appendix 1: Physique Peak Week and Making Weight
Appendix 2: The Stubborn Fat Protocols

Book Format Information

A signed and numbered copy of The Women’s Book Vol 1 can be ordered by itself or bundled with the PDF or Kindle edition (unsigned of course).

The book price includes a $5 “pink tax” which will be donated to The Women’s Sports Foundation, a 501c3 charity founded by Billie Jean King dedicated to creating leaders by ensuring all girls access to sports.

Please note that signed copies will not be mailed until the week of January 29th as I am waiting for the physical copies to arrive.  If you would like a specific inscription please put it in the order notes.


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