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The Protein Book: A Complete Guide provides a comprehensive look at the topic of protein for athletes.  Topics covered include general general metabolism, quality, requirements, timing and many others.  The book includes a look at many protein and amino acid based dietary supplements as well.

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About The Protein Book

How much protein should I consume every day?  Is there a best dietary protein for athletes?  When should I consume protein during the day?  Or around my training sessions.  All of these questions and more come up constantly.  The Protein Book provides a comprehensive look at the issue of dietary protein for athletes.

Those questions are all context dependent.   The type of sport, the goals of the athletes and the specifics of the situation all decide the answer.  No one can provide a single answer that will address all possible situations.

The first half of the book addresses basic protein metabolism and physiology.  I provide some basic definitions and background first.  Then I look at topics of protein digestion, absorption and metabolism.  Researchers have debated protein requirements for athletes for decades and I address both sides of the debate.  The final general physiology chapters address protein quality and amino acid requirements.

The remainder of the book deals with the practical issues of protein intake for athletes.   Readers will find a discussion of meal frequency, around workout nutrition and protein controversies discussed in detail.  I also discuss different whole food proteins, protein powders and supplements.

Finally, I show how all the information can be put together for different athletic situations and goals.  The Protein Book is over 200 pages with 500 scientific references.  It leaves no questions about protein for athletes unanswered.

Professional Feedback

The Protein Book not only covers everything you can possibly imagine regarding protein, but it has easily the best nutrient timing information I’ve ever come across – it alone is worth the price of the book. One thing that separates this book from others is that it takes the research data on each topic, and synthesizes it into realistic concrete applications that can be put to work immediately. Although it’s only recently released, this book is already one of the most used references in my library.

Alan Aragon – Author of Girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss and Muscle Gain


Don’t let the name fool you, The Protein Book is not only the most comprehensive resource on what protein is, how much and what type is optimal, while dispelling the most common myths – it also goes into sound dietary habits for losing weight safely or gaining lean muscular weight without excessive fat gain.

There is no other book on the market which will give you the answers you want to every possible question about protein, in simple-to-understand language and with an extensive list of the most recent and relevant studies pertaining to human nutrition. This book should be your chosen reference, and there is a good reason I keep it right on top of the stack of books next to my computer, when writing nutrition articles and setting up diets for advanced lifters and athletes in various sports.

Borge (aka Blade) – Norway

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2 reviews for The Protein Book

  1. Jackson Thomas

    Very in depth look at all things protein. Practical recommendations are provided, but this is a book for those who seriously want to go deep into the science behind those recommendations. If that is what you want, you will be very happy with this book.

  2. Bojan Rajačić

    This is THE book about protein. As an combat sports athlete/coach and casual gym bro knowing my stuff about protein was very important to me. Well, this book answered all questions and then some. Tons of practical info too!

    Great read, would recommend to anyone who wants to dig deeper into protein science.

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