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When injuries occur, a common question is how recovery can best be supported nutritionally. This booklet, written after a severe leg injury, addresses this topic in detail. I discuss different types of injuries along with different phases of recovery and how to optimally support them nutritionally. If you sustain an injury, this will tell you how to recovery as quickly as possible.  Due to its low price, Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery is not eligible for my 2-book/$10 discount.

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About Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery

A reality for active people is injuries.  These range from the minor, small muscle pulls or ligament sprains up to the catastrophic such as bone breaks, muscle or tendon or ligament tears.     A number of different phases occur following injury which eventually (hopefully at least) lead to a full recovery.

And while there are a number of other important factors that go into the recovery process, the simple fact is that optimal nutrition can only help.  And outside of a much older book written almost two decades ago, very little has been written on the topic outside of the research realm.

This book, researched and written after I sustained my own catastrophic injury (a broken fibula and two torn ligaments), is a look at a variety of issues related to nutrition and injury recovery.   I’ve tried to keep it short and to the point rather than being a heavily detailed book.  In it I do look at some general issues relating to the injury and recovery process along with addressing some of the current controversies around the classic approaches of RICE(PRICES) and anti-inflammatories.

This includes a look at modulating inflammation, energy intake and macronutrient intake along with targeted supplements and how they can interact with activity when it is eventually reintroduced.  There is even a short section on some drugs that have been studied for injury healing along with case studies to show how it all fits together.   I have provided selected references for those who want to delve a bit deeper.

As I said, injuries are part of being active and when they occur, trainees always want to recover from them as rapidly as possible.  Proper/optimal nutrition facilitates that and this book will provide all of the information that you need.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Muscle, Tendon, Bone and Ligament Injury
Chapter 2: Stages of Injury Recovery
Chapter 3: PRICES and Anti-inflammatories
Chapter 4: Modulating Inflammation
Chapter 5: Calorie Intake
Chapter 6: Macronutrient Intake
Chapter 7: Supporting Supplements
Chapter 8: Drugs
Chapter 9: Activity and Injury Recovery
Case Study 1: Minor Muscular Injury
Case Study 2: Major Injury
Selected References

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