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Mixed sports such as team sports, MMA, boxing and others present a unique set of nutritional requirements compared to pure strength/power or endurance sports.   Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports examines the topic with a focus on application and all aspects of nutrition for these sports are built-up to provide a template for optimal nutrition. The package includes an 80-page book with a 2-DVD seminar.

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About The Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports Book/DVD Package

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports examines the topic of nutrition for what I like to refer to as mixed sports.  This includes most team sports along with sports such as boxing, MMA and others.

Any sport that has requirements for both endurance and strength/power is considered a mixed sport.  These sports have unique physiological and training requirements compared to pure endurance or strength/power sports.  And this can make optimizing nutrition more complicated than in those sports.

In 2009 I gave a seminar in Vancouver at Fraser University for their football and soccer teams on this topic.  Rather than just slap the DVD together with the handouts and slides, I wrote an accompanying book.   Over the course of the book and seminar, I build nutritional recommendations from the ground up.

Topics in Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports

The book/seminar starts with a discussion of the specific needs of mixed sports athletes.  This leads into a discussion of the different components of nutrition.  Energy intake, dietary protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are all discussed in some detail.

This is followed by an examination of meal planning and optimum around workout nutrition.  I then discuss hydration/cramping, supplements and how mixed sports athletes can modify body composition.  Finally I show up to put all the information together for different sports situations.

The product contains the book, 2 DVD seminar and the Powerpoint slides that go with it.  The book can be read as a stand-alone product or read while the DVD seminar is being watched.


Applied Sports Nutrition for Mixed Sports

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